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The Women in My Life


The sweetest thing ever,  Just look at this face.  She is an angel who is spoiled rotten.  I swear she sits in front of a mirror all day and practices her being cute routine.  This dog loves foot rubs and hugs.

She thinks she is the sweetest thing ever.  Actually she is a spoiled brat with an attitude. Ah, I love her anyway.  I have to say that or get fired.  She took me into her home and allows me to serve her.  She did fire tha last people who lived here.
So she thinks.

She is the very best thing that ever happened to me.  Susie is too nice.  Anyone who puts up with me is too nice.  She is a dream come true,  Who else would allow there boyfriend to play pool, poker and computer games all night long?  Get this,  She even plays them with me and kicks my butt.  Well,  maybe I stretched the truth just a little...  She doesnt really kick my butt.  I love her more than anything and better get my ass over to see her since im about 4 hours late.
Susie is the best!!!
Another Susie?

Dont Even Ask...